Useful Info

What to expect
Exact course content may differ depending on course length and your needs but topics covered will generallly include:
  • understanding your posture and developing an awareness of your body in space
  • developing basic co-ordination of the arms, the feet and the head
  • learning a basic combination of steps
  • rehearsing barre exercises and stretches including learning each exercise name and meaning
  • exploring allegro
  • beginning to turn

What to wear
Soft ballet shoes, a leotard and tights / tight fitting clothes.  We recommend you wear fitted clothes so that your teacher can see the lines your body is making and help you to execute the ballet movements safely and correctly.

It is recommended that you wear a sports bra suitable for high impact activity.  Why?  Unsupported breasts move up to 12cm during exercise – up-down, in-out, and side-to-side. This amount of movement can result in discomfort, chafing and ultimately damage to the breasts’ supportive tissue.

Do contact us for suggestions as to where you can purchase your ballet attire.

Where do I change for ballet class?
Space for changing is available for you to use before and after the class.

Where possible, please arrive for class changed with a layer of loose fitted, warm layers such as a tracksuit on, over the top of your dance wear.  Participation in ballet class will warm your body, however before and after class it is vital to keep warm so as to avoid injury.

What do I bring with me?
A bottle of water to maintain your levels of hydration.